July 24, 2011

I found my owl covered notebook that holds my list.

You remember, I hope. The list of good things. Mostly small, but good nonetheless.

I remember putting it aside one day. I kept repeating the same things. Well my life curved and swerved a bit since then. I strolled past some new things:

ink wells

turquoise fountain pens

80’s themed parties

do-it-yourself watercolor postcards

brown craft paper


watching people rediscover typewriters

parents teaching their kids what typewriters are

If you can’t tell… I’m enjoying my new job.

Happy Sunday


July 19, 2011

"Where do you keep your cigars?"
Courtney asks.

Without missing a beat,
Meg replies, “In a pouch.”


I found this written down in an old journal. And it makes me so excited to see these girls again.



I confess

July 18, 2011

So I was wrong.

I went back on my “only 2 years in Colorado” mantra I chanted awhile back.

A man, buying a card for this wife yesterday looked up and me said, “Key to marriage girl… admit when you’re wrong.”

We’re not married, but I admit it… I was wrong.

I signed another lease.

I’m a Boulderite another 12 months. 

And I’m feeling pretty good about it.